Secure your investments in the French Alps.

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Taxation should be your first concern while investing in France. Investing in France may trigger the followings:
  • French Wealth Tax
  • French Tax resident
  • 3% tax on real estate
  • Income tax
  • Corporate income tax
  • Inheritance tax
  • Indirect tax
  • and more...
Therefore, we deeply recommand to contact a French tax lawyer who will help you to invest in French Alps and secure your investments by minimising your taxations by legal means.


We offer turnkey solutions according to your objectives and needs:


We work in absolute confidentiality, including vis-à-vis our interlocutors.


If your safety commands it, we can guarantee your anonymity.

Wealth tax issues

We anticipate wealth tax issues and adapt our solutions to any changes in law.

Holding structure

We provide in depth analysis for the best international holding structure according to your needs.

Bespoke solutions

"L'acte est vierge, même répété. (The act is blank, even repeated.)" René Char (1907-1988)

Transmissions strategies

We foresee future generation needs and we secure transmissions to them.

We're known for our tax work in France and abroad

With a clear understanding of our clients’ business needs and a deep knowledge of the ever-changing tax laws, we develop creative and practical client-specific solutions to help our clients accomplish their goals. We advise public and private companies, including private equity firms and hedge funds, as well as high-net-worth individuals, on a broad range of domestic and international transactions.

We are particularly well-known for our experience in the real estate and transmissions strategies.


Works in both French and English

Antoine Gouin is a tax lawyer at the Paris Bar. He assists French and international groups in their issues of international taxation, transfer pricing, group restructuring, financing, controls and audits.

Antoine also assists families in their tax settlement plans and in their tax audits and disputes.

After having worked in Luxembourg in international taxation with numerous multinationals, Antoine Gouin moved to Paris and developed an expertise in wealth taxation.

He now advises fortunes established in France and abroad, as well as entrepreneurs in their projects of transmissions to future generations or transfers to third parties.

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